Stepping Stones to Dragon

Stepping Stones to Dragon Naturally Speaking

Stepping Stones to Dragon

Be GREAT with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

You can scroll the shelf using and keys

About My Passion

Imagine for One Moment… 

  • You cannot reach out to turn on your computer.
  • You cannot lift your arms to put your hands on the keyboard.
  • You cannot close your fingers to hold onto the mouse.
  • Someone else opens your laptop…
  • Someone else has to turn on your computer…
  • Someone else has to put the microphone/headset on your head…

But then You Can Soar! 

  • …You can check your emails and respond!
  • …You can open Microsoft Word and write a book.
  • …You can Search Google for Hotels in Hawaii that have Wheelchair Access to the Beach.
  • …You can checkout an eBook from the Library and Read It!
  • …Download a Movie and Watch It!
  • …Dragon Naturally Speaking lets you…
  • …Zoom the Screen in and out,
  • …Move the Mouse Arrow on the Screen to Click on a Button on the Web Page!
  • …And On and On and On….

My friend, Jason, was my Reason to Learn How to Support people in Being Great with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

I was already teaching people who needed to speed up their typing, to become Good with Dragon.  My Focus was helping them build their speed up to 90wpm and in some cases 120wpm. Because of hand or arm injuries, some of the people I had worked with needed more control of their computer by Voice.

… More to Come…

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It sounds interesting.

Spook Moor

April 26, 2012

It sounds interesting.I type so slowly and forget to add my URL so returned.

Spook Moor

April 26, 2012

It IS really interesting, Spook. One of my students had never used a keyboard or typewriter prior to starting with Dragon. Now he just talks to it and is really blown away by the results! He was shocked that Dragon use also creates correct spelling. Do still have to proofread for correct words… :-) I am excited that I have found a WP theme I really like and am finally learning how to add my videos and text and pictures onto the shelves. Now to get the Time to Do It. Will get a lot done this weekend so come back and visit! Sherry


April 26, 2012